Tuesday, February 26, 2008

webkinz room - purple orange delight

i took some rock star stuff, funky tables and chairs, silver couches and some other orange and purple stuff to create this room for Lia the pink pony.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

my first post from my ds browser

so i happened to be at the video game store when this technology was unpacked so i snapped it up. right now i'm watching canadian idol and playing around with my new toy. so far it`s pretty damn cool!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

i always said you could you painters tape for anything

i use painters tape for everything. holding up tinsel around the windows at christmas so as not to ruin the paint with tacks, holding up lights around the shelves for various holidays, scrapbooking to make inch by inch grid pictures and many many more uses. anyway so to my great delight i walk into the potty at walmart the other day and low and behold it's painters tape holding the apparently broken toilet paper holder together. i had to take a picture to prove that infact you can use painters tape for anything. so i snap the picture and as it makes the camera sounds i start wondering what the person in the stall beside me must think i'm taking pictures of. that thought makes me giggle so this person not only thought i was into some weird bathroom fetish but also that i was crazy. needless to say they left the bathroom rather quickly.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

when will this puffy haired freak go away?!

week after week i'm sure that this kid will be gone but somehoe he keeps holding on! how? he's not a good enough singer to be there, he has no personality other then standing there with that shit eating grin on his face and he is completely annoying!! you're probably thinking "tell me how you really feel", but i can't stand him being on there anymore. if you're reading this and you've voted for this kid i'm begging you, for all that is good and holy please stop!!!! but down the phone and seek help now!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

fly in my juice

i have the flu right now .... the second in a few weeks and the first time it lasted over 2 weeks! so i was drinking orange juice like a good little girl and i look in the cup and there's a little bug doing the back stroke in my juice!! normally i may have been more disgusted but today (maybe cause of the flu meds) it reminded me of that skit on sesame street where grover is the waiter and there's a fly in the chubby blue guy's soup! anyway ... thought i'd share.

apparently my celeb look alikes ...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

cheshire cat smile moon

the last few nights the moon has totally looked like the cheshire cat's smile. it's actually kinda creepy cause you're almost waiting for the rest of him to appear like on the movie and i always found him kinda creepy anyhow. there's something about him that gives me the heebie jeebies! plus he was never very nice .... though most people in wonderland were kinda assholes anyway, even the flowers had attitude. i was a flower in my grade school production of alice in wonderland. good times.

something i happened upon on myspace

first i will let you watch this before i say anything .... i don't want to spoil it. but there's something really freaking wrong about this video. you'll know what i mean .......

ok so you know the problem right? it's not the dance, the almost naked lady ..... hell get out there shake your ass on the internet if you want. the disturbing thing about this video is the baby crying in near proximity to this girl shaking her ass half naked in front of a camera. i'm not even saying mothers shouldn't shake it on the internet if you want, but dude how about at night perhaps with the baby tucked cozily in bed! it's very very creepy and slutty looking otherwise.

Monday, February 19, 2007

a tale of two doggies

i was babysitting my brothers' dog (border collie) and when i took him home today i decided to walk there to give him some exercise before he spent a couple of hours in the house until my brothers and parents got home.

my parents live in a house that's on the land of a farm/apple orchard. so i decided to take the scenic route and go through the orchard as the other way is on the highway so it's loud and boring.

after getting all the way through the orchard and just reaching one of the smaller buildings where they keep wood i see the farm owner (who i swear is like 182 years old but still works the farm) , his dumb dog sam (a black lab) and a farm worker.

sam as always is not tied up or on a leash which is dangerous because he lunges and bites. you may be thinking "but it's a farm, he should run free!". well here's the thing ...... it's a u-pick orchard, u-cut tree farm and also the produce and pumpkins in the falls and tons of other stuff that cause multiple people to be strolling all over. i would think it'd be bad for business to have a feisty dog roaming the farm while people were there trying to buy things.

anyhow, sam and jack do not get along. mostly jack hates sam because same comes and teases, taunts, barks and growls at him while he's tied up outside. the minute i saw sam was not tied up i knew there'd be trouble.

the dogs started lunging at each other, jack pulling so hard on the leash my shoulder and wrist felt pulled out of joint. after about a minute of constant lunging all vincent (the farm owner) has to offer to the situation is "eventually he'll tire himself out"! at this point i already felt like i'd been ridden hard and put away wet. every time jack lunges my arm and wrist pull and eventually the strain starts pulling at my ribs.

the farm worker is laughing .... yes i said laughing ..... and vincent just walks away, only telling sam to come once which sam did not do. i'm pulling as hard as i can trying to keep them apart for like 5 minutes, feeling like the ball on the end on one of those paddle ball toys cause every time he lunges i get jerked forward again.

i reach up and yank my hat off cause i feel overheated and i start feeling short of breath .... perhaps the combination of the cold air, recovering from the flu and the intense exertion of pulling on jack and being pulled forward for so long. sure it's probably just me being dramatic but for a mintue there i thought between the pain, shortness of breath and overheated feeling i was going to pass out. probably also fear of jack getting hurt and me getting bitten by sam. that dog was scary to look into the face of with his teeth bared and growling like that.

by the time i finally got jack past where sam was i collasped on the side of the farm road just trying to breath, every muscle in my body having that muscle fatigue shakiness. my parents house in view now but it felt so far away. then and only then did i start to cry and just counldn't stop. eventually i caught my breath enough to make it to my parent's house and get a drink but my throat and mouth were so dry and i still couldn't breath. my face was bright red for almost an hour after it happened!

after i got home i had a bath, some pain reliever and a tea and tried to calm down. i'm still pretty shaken up and i feel like i've been run over by a truck or something! :(